Cinco de Mayo: Healthy Margaritas


Happy Cinco de Mayo, friends! While we’re aware that drinking while trying to lose weight is not the best recipe for success, it’s a holiday and we’re gonna have margaritas if we want to! The part about the Weight Watchers philosophy that makes it so realistic and sustainable is that you can have what you want (in moderation and within your allotted points, of course), as long as you’re aware of what you’re putting into your body and you budget accordingly. So, today, we have margs! Continue reading


Skinny Irish Coffee

Hello, readers! It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and what better way to combine our love of caffeine and boozy holidays than with a coffee and whiskey drink recipe? We decided to give this classic a slim makeover by stripping it down and making a healthier, all-natural whipped cream topping, thanks to a recipe from The View From Great Island. By using this fat-free version (at only 7 calories per tablespoon!), we were able to cut out the excess cream and sugar. Continue reading

Kombucha at Home

Making your own kombucha is not as hard as it may seem. With the help of some slimy science, you too can have delicious, carbonated tea with health benefits (some believe), including improved digestion and strengthening the immune system. As much as we adore our local kombucha suppliers, we thought we would try our hand at a batch. (Important note!: Please be sure to brew in very sanitary conditions. Improper preparation could lead to contamination by possibly harmful bacteria.) Continue reading

Make Your Own Almond Milk


While we love the convenience of just running to the store and picking up a carton of milk, if there’s a way we can make it, we prefer to do it ourselves. That way, we know exactly what’s going into our food (and drinks!)–no ingredients that we don’t approve, all chosen by us. It was for this reason that we decided to try our hand at some homemade almond milk. With just four ingredients, this almond milk turned out to be some of the best we’ve ever had. Continue reading