Hello! Thanks for joining us after your morning cup o’ joe. We are excited to explore delicious new recipes, our stomping grounds here in LA, and fun activities with you to build healthier, happier lives for all of us.

We don’t claim to be experts; we are just navigating the same issues, whether it’s food addiction, finding the time to work out, or just searching for that perfect pair of goal jeans. We want to share our experiences and create a supportive community where it doesn’t matter your body type or size, as long as you’re eating things that are good for you and moving around. We believe in eating real food, but we’re also realistic and understand that not everyone lives within a 10-mile radius of 15 farmers markets.

Basically, we believe that cultivating this lifestyle is more than just the way we look at food and it’s more than just eating healthy — it’s living healthy (and happy!). We want to inspire you, and for you to inspire us. So, join us on our journey to creating the lives we want.