Splurge Worthy: La Brea Bakery

We recently took a trip to our local La Brea Bakery for some fresh-baked sourdough bread for our beet greens post. We hadn’t been since the remodel, and let us tell you, it’s magical.

There is the restaurant side (which we have yet to review) and the bakery side. We visited the bakery, were helped by the kind staff, and sipped coffee while we waited for our order to be prepared. While we’re aware of the current movement against gluten, we’re certainly not opposed. And this bread is certainly worth a little splurging. See for yourself.

La Brea Bakery_1

La Brea Bakery_2

La Brea Bakery_3

La Brea Bakery_4

La Brea Bakery_5

La Brea Bakery_6

La Brea Bakery_7

La Brea Bakery_8


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