Biking in Santa Monica

We have a confession to make: Going to the gym is not exactly at the top of our “favorite ways to stay fit” list. While, we will admit, it’s probably one of the more effective, considering it’s filled with everything you need to actually get fit, it can be so mundane. Also, not to mention, it can be slightly terrifying for those of us who are still getting used to fitness — all those people who may or may not be way more experienced than you, staring at you, judging your form and your outfit (it’s possible).

Okay, so that last part may have been a little paranoid. But these are real fears that sometimes prohibit us from visiting our local gymming spots. Something that has always stuck with us from our WW meetings is this wonderful quote: “The best activity is the one you’ll do.” So, to prevent us from using every excuse in the book to try to avoid the gym, we’ve been on the hunt for other activities — the ones we’ll actually do. While hot yoga and the occasional ballet bar class usually keep us interested, we’ve decided to mix it up a little more. This week: Cara goes beach biking!

Biking in Santa Monica

After living in Los Angeles for more than five years, I thought it was time to try something I’ve been talking about since I moved here. If you’re fortunate enough to have a beach near you, this is an amazing way to sneak some cardio in while having fun doing it. The people watching is a blast (top-notch in the Santa Monica/Venice Beach area), it’s outdoors, the view is amazing, it doesn’t even feel like working out, and — the best part — it’s really reasonably priced. After a little research, we were able to find a place (we chose Sea Mist Rentals near the Santa Monica Pier) that rents bikes for $7 per hour. We rode up and down the coast for an hour or so, had a delicious lunch by the sea, and were home by 3pm.  The trek to the beach isn’t always an option, but as an occasional activity, we’ll definitely be adding it to our list of ways to mix up our fitness regimen.

What’s your favorite non-gym activity? Let us know, and we’ll possibly try it out and feature it!


2 thoughts on “Biking in Santa Monica

  1. mireillesjourneytohealth says:

    That sounds so fun! We live at the entrance to a canyon. My husband decided he wanted a nice road bike to start riding. Holy cow, they are pricey! Apparently a good bike is at the low end, $300. I was iffy on it at first, but he’s been out there riding quite a bit already. Sometimes, like you said, the gym just isn’t where you want to go to get fit.

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