How I Survived the Holidays (Barely): Ilana’s Thanksgiving

Everyone in my family has different eating habits. My mom and I eat only chicken and fish, while the rest of our family eat pretty much everything. My aunt and mom usually split the cooking duties for the bigger family gatherings.

Thanksgiving dinner

My grandfather loves plain pasta with anchovies, so ever since my mom can remember, that was always served at the beginning of the Thanksgiving meal. I am personally, not so much a fan, but I ate a bite or two just to check it out.
Plain pastaThanksgiving green beans

My mom was in charge of the stuffing this year and OH MY GOODNESS. She got the recipe from Martha Stewart (my hero), and it knocked my socks off. Filled with berries and nuts and everything delicious, I certainly felt each and every Weight Watchers point was worth it!

Thanksgiving dinner

This beauty was basically a quiche with a top. Stuffed with three different types of cheese and greens galore, my mom hit the jackpot again. This served as breakfast for the remainder of the weekend once the Thanksgiving coma wore off.

Thanksgiving pie

Finally, my plate. I decided I would try a little bit of everything. I mean, how could I not? I took one slice of turkey, because I didn’t want to spend all my points on proteins. I also made a point to pile up on the greens (0 points for the win!) so I would fill up before the good (points) stuff.

Thanksgiving dinner

Dessert. OH, dessert. My aunt makes the most AMAZING flan, and she knows how much I love it. I had insane self control around all of these beautiful pies (except for one small sliver of apple), so I could had a piece of her flan and cheesecake. I tried to make all my dessert portions about two bites big so I could sample the items I chose. I can always go back for another small piece once I ate the first, right?!

Thanksgiving piesThanksgiving dessertAh, the morning after. All that food did a number on me, but I wasn’t in pain (because yes, I’ll admit, I’ve been in pain from eating too much before).




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