TWIST Eatery

Because our WW meetings are on Saturday mornings (and because we love brunch), our favorite post-meeting activity together is a tasty-yet-healthy meal from one of our local favorites. We prefer not to eat before our weigh in (for obvious reasons), so we postpone for a little light brunching together after. This keeps us accountable for our food choices, and we’re so amped up on healthy decision-making after our meetings that we’re more likely to go for smarter options.

We decided to start highlighting some of our favorite go-to spots for our Angelenos (and visitors, too!). This week: TWIST Eatery on La Brea. Twist_1
Note: If baked goods are a trigger food for you, this might not be the best place to test your willpower.

We’ll start with the coffee, because that’s what we do. The cold brew is actual cold brew (not just chilled hot coffee) and it’s delicious on its own — no sugar or creamer required. The only (minor) downside is that, because it’s cold brew, you have to pay for refills (which we will always need). The drip coffee is from Blue Bottle, a specialty coffee roaster based in Oakland, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles. It’s good, but we’re still partial to our Stumptown blends.

As we mentioned above, if you can steer clear of the pastries, you’ll see that the menu has some great options for those of us counting points or calories (or just watching what we eat). We tend to veer more towards the breakfast side of brunch, so our favorites include the Biscuit Sandwich, Smoked Salmon Plate, and the Two Eggs breakfast. Because it’s brunch (essentially two meals in one), we’re willing to splurge a little more on points.

We’ve estimated some PointsPlus values for your convenience.

Biscuit Sandwich: approximately 16 points (leave off the cheese or bacon or only eat half the sandwich for less points)
Scrambled eggs, bacon, cheddar cheese, potato onion hash, homemade biscuit

Smoked Salmon Plate: approximately 13 points (use less cream cheese and only half the bagel for less points)
Bagel, cream cheese, capers, tomato, smoked salmon, onion

Two Eggs breakfast: approximately 13 points (sub eggs whites and no toast for less points)
Two eggs, bacon, potato onion hash, toast






If you’ve visited TWIST, let us know what you think in the comments! Also, let us know if there are any L.A. area places we should try; we’re always open to suggestions!


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